Registered Name: SRSCC HAZZARD'S TROUBLESOME SHERIFF QA2   |   Call Name: Roscoe     Registration #:  SR60952503

 Sire:  NAFC FC AFC CODY CUT A LEAN GRADE SR16082601  Sex:  M     DOB 2010-01-14    Color:  YELLOW

 Registered Name: NFTCH CARRONADE'S O'RYLEE FACTOR   |   Call Name: Rylee     Registration #:  SN88253102

 Sire:  FC AFC Chena River Chavez SN19528205  Sex:  F     DOB 1/7/2001    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  NFTCH AFTCH Dippomarsh Kerensa O Carronade SN42497001

 Registered Name: MACCABEE'S YANKEE GOES TO TUSCANY   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  05129438

 Sire:  SN99253107  Sex:  F     DOB 3/5/2005    Color:  BLACK

 Registered Name: AFC Shadowpines Chabasco   |   Call Name: Storm     Registration #:  SR18337302

 Sire:  FC Fargo II ? SN49364804  Sex:  M     DOB 05/06/2004    Color:  YELLOW
 Dam:  Splish Splash SN67711702

 Registered Name: MOXY TYEE TILLICUM OF WALTON   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1069942

 Sire:  SN37768801  Sex:  M     DOB 9/24/1998    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN25213704

 Registered Name: TAWASTWAY'S PAW PRINT, CH   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1073310

 Sire:  FIN4464796  Sex:  M     DOB 2019-02-28    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  FIN4222097

 Registered Name: RIVEBLANCHE FLEUVE 2   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1075985

 Sire:  SN57585806  Sex:  F     DOB 6/23/2001    Color: 
 Dam:  SN44327202

 Registered Name: RIVEBLANCHE NANUK   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1076478

 Sire:  SN57585806  Sex:  M     DOB 9/15/2001    Color: 
 Dam:  SN58647903

 Registered Name: HADLEIGH'S SONG OF THE SOUTH   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1077373

 Sire:  SN85227801  Sex:  F     DOB 11/21/2001    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN43736201

 Registered Name: IO CHAVEZ LADY'S PINK COFFEE   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  1077510

 Sire:  SN19528205  Sex:  M     DOB 11/3/2000    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SN23606407


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