Registered Name: SRSCC HAZZARD'S TROUBLESOME SHERIFF QA2   |   Call Name: Roscoe     Registration #:  SR60952503

 Sire:  NAFC FC AFC CODY CUT A LEAN GRADE SR16082601  Sex:  M     DOB 2010-01-14    Color:  YELLOW

 Registered Name: ELAKA TRAPPER SCOUT   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  SN06800513

 Sire:  SF519578  Sex:  M     DOB 4/23/1993    Color:  YELLOW
 Dam:  SF428849

 Registered Name: WOODS EDGE TAZ   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  SE291115

 Sire:  SE075440  Sex:  F     DOB 10/17/1984    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SC435771

 Registered Name: CONWELL'S MISS MORGAN   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  GQ448784

 Sire:   Sex:  F     DOB 8/6/1997    Color:  YELLOW

 Registered Name: BUCKLYNN'S WINDFALL BLACK LACE   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  SN38744702

 Sire:  SM91320003  Sex:  F     DOB 10/4/1996    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SM97140506

 Registered Name: CHELSEAS TESSA OF WARWICK   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  SD754563

 Sire:  SC199182  Sex:  F     DOB 6 /9 /1983    Color:  BLACK
 Dam:  SD394384

 Registered Name: TRIPLE STAR JP TIFFANY   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  LR0500505

 Sire:  LR16191030  Sex:  F     DOB 3/22/2005    Color:  YELLOW
 Dam:  LR1912102

 Registered Name: BANX OF AMBER RUN   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  SN48202807

 Sire:  SM89051601  Sex:  M     DOB 9/29/1997    Color:  YELLOW
 Dam:  SN13712809

 Registered Name: HAWTHORNES DONNA OF CACAO   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  SD757405

 Sire:  SD191451  Sex:  F     DOB 4 /15/1983    Color:  CHOCOLATE
 Dam:  SC298412

 Registered Name: MIRON TOPAZE   |   Call Name:     Registration #:  MQ836937

 Sire:  KN682323  Sex:  F     DOB 8/25/2002    Color:  YELLOW
 Dam:  JJ583148


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